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Intuitive Coloring Page - Aries

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Enjoy a unique, fun, and powerful abstract intuitive drawings based on your Astrology Sign. Created to help the big feelers and visual learners who love astrology to better align with their signs, houses, aspects, stars, planets, and more! These coloring and drawing pages will help you transition from any shadow in your chart to the light!

Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, & Libra Rising Here!

I feel and understand a whole lot and am here to help others feel, heal, and create more too…

So, I made this special edition, Astrological Harmony, intuitive coloring book and this is one of the coloring pages from it. A coloring book for the big feelers and visual learners who love astrology! I want to empower you with a personalized tool you can use to shift your energy that’s out of alignment! By coloring each page you’ll start feeling more and better align with your signs, houses, aspects, stars, planets, and more!

Intuitive Coloring is the best tool I have found to help you tap into and use your intuition in a simple, fun, and comfortable way. It will help you feel more so you can heal more of the funk and increase joy and abundance in your life. These coloring pages will help you with your shadow work as you step into the Light and shine as your best self.

To work with your intuitive coloring book, you’ll be signing with the positive energy in your personal astrology chart, all you need to do set your intention and start coloring. Following small impressions of colors to use, shapes to draw, words to write, etc. as you create.

Following the small impressions you feel will be putting your faith in action. As funny as it sounds, even picking up a crayon, marker, or colored pencil is a big enough action to start shifting, clearing, healing, and aligning to your highest good.

Each intuitive drawing in this book is unique and based on the unseen energy of each sign, house, planet, aspect, etc. it’s representing. As you color and draw on each page you’re creating a personalized tool to be able to see and feel your own energy. Allowing you to shift and process what no longer, or never has served you.

As with any action of faith you’ll be moving mountains, some large, some small, and some in-between. You’ll feel the moving, yet feel comfortable as each coloring page is set to be the highest vibration of Light I could create on the page.

Each coloring page is in essence a symbol of my own faith so when you choose to color, write, even tear up a page from this coloring book, you are combing your faith by taking action with mine to move any size mountain you come across.

I truly hope you enjoy your time working with and coloring each page. As you do so, you’ll continue to align and harmonize with your Astrological chart and your highest good.


Sarah Jones

The Intuitive Woman

p.s. If you would like a physical copy of my full Intuitive Coloring: Astrological Harmony coloring book, head to Amazon at

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Intuitive Coloring Page - Aries

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